Brighton… Because You Deserve the Best!

At Doggibags you can discover a large selection of exceptional products from the Brighton collection.

Brighton has always been known for designing products with a message that contain intricate detail and superb craftsmanship. Choosing the perfect necklace, bracelet or charms helps you to create lasting memories. Our hand-picked selection of Brighton wallets and handbags are ideal for today’s distinguished woman. Some of the handbags even have a registration card inside so you can send the handbag back yearly to be cleaned and repaired, now that’s a novelty.

Doggibags carries the two new divisions, MY FLAT IN LONDON and YOUR TRUE COLOR:

  • MY FLAT IN LONDON has cute little bows on almost everything with a smaller line of jewelry that is London inspired.
  • YOUR TRUE COLOR dresses it up a bit with color stones that can be pre-ordered on items such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. You will love building a set to match any outfit.

Brighton jewelry is now the only brand Doggibags sells. In the past we have carried others but, with Brighton, there is so much to choose from that we decided recently to sell only the best. Brighton has so many pieces in their line that we don’t even have the space for every style. So, we hand select pieces that complement our clothing line knowing that, when you like the clothing styles, you’ll love the jewelry we selected. (It’s still a bunch!)

Just wait and see our selection of charms. There are drawers full of them covering a wide variety of themes. With a selection this wide, we know that you will find the one or ones that will keep those memories alive.

Brighton also makes jewelry holders such as wooden jewelry boxes with drawers and metal stands that hold bracelets and necklaces that sit on your dresser. Both of these jewelry boxes are handy to have.

Finally, Brighton has a lot of promotions that gives you a nice gift with each purchase. Doggibags participates in most of them so you won’t miss out on the cool gifts when shopping with us.

Stop by today and see all the wonderful Brighton products we have waiting for you or contact us for more information.

Sit back and watch the slideshow or click the pictures to advance to the next in line. Either way you will see some examples of the beautiful handbags at Doggibags.