Doggibags has a large collection of different styles, colors and sizes of handbags that are perfect for every occasion or event. We try to keep our line fresh and new with only ones that are a little different than the normal dull ones you find elsewhere. We are constantly restocking inventory to provide you with the most recent, in-style fashions.


One of our lines is called the “Masterpiece Collection”. These beautiful handbags are fun to carry and have their own unique style. They will certainly always get that added attention each time you carry yours. If you like a little different look that is custom, unique and just a touch “showy”, these handbags are for you. Most bags are beaded and/or have handmade flowers and trim.

Another is the Fashionista collection. This collection of bags is decorated with imagery that resembles hand-painted designs. These beautifully designed handbags have large graphics portraying images such as ladies in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background, brightly colored shoes, and other fun designs on them. These wonderful designs complement your clothing and are large enough to hold everything you need to carry.

Doggibags stocks all sizes of handbags from a small elegant pouch to organizers to larger tote bags that carries it all. So, come in and see everything we have. But, you should hurry because all of our handbags, like our clothes, are unique so when they are gone, they are gone. And, we don’t want you to miss out.

Sit back and watch the slideshow or click the pictures to advance to the next in line. Either way you will see some examples of the beautiful handbags at Doggibags.